Arboricultural Standards

In addition to the tree conservation standards booklet available from the Georgia Forestry Commission, there are arboricultural standards that are used by professional arborists and commonly cited in tree ordinances.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) maintains approved industry standards for tree care operations that are developed and updated by a broad-based group of experienced professionals.  They include:

  • ANSI A-300 Standard for Tree Care Operations (Parts 1 through 10)
  • ANSI Z-133 Safety Standard
  • ANSI Z-60.1 American Standard for Nursery Stock

These standards are designed to be used by tree care managers to develop specifications for tree care operations.  Copies of the A-300 and Z-133 standards, and associated best management practices, are available for purchase on the ISA website at

The American Horticultural Industry Association (also known as AmericanHort) publishes the ANSI Z-60.1 standards.  Click here to download a free copy.

The ISA website also provides access to an extensive set of free planting details and specifications by the Urban Tree Foundation that can be downloaded in AutoCAD, PDF, or Microsoft Word formats for use by the green industry.  These planting details and specifications can be included in site plans, tree protection plans, tree conservation plans and tree ordinances and are designed specifically for use by landscape architects, engineers, architects, contractors, urban foresters, arborists, municipalities, and state agency personnel.